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About Sputnik

In 1938, Stalin finally banished scientist Sergei Korolev to Siberia for using the Soviet computers to download images of American pin-up girls.  Korolev had already been caught in the commissary kitchen trying to perfect the bacon cheeseburger.  In the remote gulag, Korolev could only obtain smuggled mimeographs of his beloved pin-ups.  Late nights, he would cook up chili cheese hotdogs while his fellow inmates hand-colored pages and pages of beautiful girls.

Eventually, Stalin realized that Korolev’s first-rate rocket engineering would ultimately transform the Soviet war machine.  Later, Krushchev tapped Korolev to design a satellite to beat the Americans into space.  On October 4, 1957, the Soviets launched Sputnik.  The shining, beeping sphere called out to all women as it flew through the night sky.

“The Chief Designer” ultimately lost the race to the moon, but he never gave up his love of beautiful women and delicious food.  We hope to keep his legacy alive.  We thought to name the restaurant Korolev’s All American Girls and Burgers, but it was quite a mouthful, so we settled on Sputnik.  Some of this story is true.

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